Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Missing the addiction!

While, I am extremely grateful to say that I don't know the unkind feeling that life-extracting addictions can bring, I certainly know one thing...

I miss writing!

We've moved and there's been no time to sit down and write anything.  Shucks, I had to search for my laptop to write this.  But I knew I had to write something, anything, just to feel the keys beneath my fingertips and hear the happy sounds of click-click as I type.

I don't normal hear the loud clicks that I hear today.  Even that is odd because my nails are longer than normal.  I usually keep them short for typing and for playing keyboards (the other love in my life).  No way I can play with long nails.  Even my Triton is still in his case because of the move. Terrible.  I need to find a place for him to settle into as well.  I am itching to write and record some more music too.  In time, I suppose.

But while the boxes are around, I cannot sit down and relax and let the thoughts flow.  Too guilty. The boxes glare at me shouting to be unpacked.  So soon I'll have to get up and shut one up.

If you're interested, you can check my song on Youtube, "Chasing Shadows by Lynne Torrente".

The big lopsided box in the corner shouts at me again and the jagged tear in his side glares at me.

"Okay, okay.  I hear you.  I'm coming."