Thursday, 12 June 2014

It's in my hands

I love the digital world that we live in, but holding a hardcopy of my book makes it all feel a little more real.  And it’s proof that I wasn’t sitting staring at a blank screen.  Well most days anyway. ;-)

It is true that they say writing a book is daydreaming one page at a time and between the pages of Cameras Don’t Lie are many daydreams.  The daydreams of Devlin Cole and the residents of Spring Manor are real.  The daydreams of intrigue and conspiracy is real.  The effect of the stranger that arrives in Spring Manor is real.  The murder that takes place is real.  The emotions are real.  I am so pleased that my daydreams became real in Cameras Don’t Lie.

The book was birthed from the questions, “What if Jesus was on earth today, how would people be affected by Him and who would want Him dead?”  What was the controversial subject that rocked the boat and ultimately Devlin Cole’s world?  It might have been better if He’d stayed away from that subject.  But He didn’t.  He insisted on speaking out on a subject so close to His heart.  So close that He was willing to offer up His life to redeem those who had suffered because of it.

Mm, seems I’m a little too attached to my characters.  I suppose that’s understandable.  They’ve lived with me for the past few years and I have no doubt that they will live with me for the rest of my life. 

I’m glad to have met them, to have shared in their lives and their heartaches and dreams.  In fact, I want what Devlin had with Adam.  But then again, I do!