Tuesday, 11 February 2014

When you've got your ISBN number

When you've received your ISBN you get little nervous jitters in your stomach knowing that you're a little closer to having your book out there.

It's now or never, or so the song goes.  When you have to look past the self doubt that hunts you down while you're laying in bed at night.  Then all the questions come at you like a swarm of bees; are you really going to publish your work for all to see and all to criticise, or all to add their two cents to?  Are you good enough to have your words flying around the universe to be caught up in nets of debate and chatter at book clubs?

Then I ask myself the question;  Self, if you don't put your book out there, then what was the use of sitting at your keyboard these past few years?  Are you going to throw your valuable time away?

Should I just write under another name so I can dodge the bullets of peoples' opinions? Heck no.  It's was ME sitting there putting a cushion under the posterior to alleviate the numbness.  Me who had to defend why I was there in conversations but not all there, as the characters had me wrapped up in my mind so deftly.  When I would be asked, "Why are you so quiet today?"  I'd point to my head and say, "Sometimes it's more interesting in here."

Nope today I got my ISBN number and it's closer than it was last week.  And I'm looking forward to knotting up loose ends and closing the chapter and writing "The End" at the end.

"Cameras Don't Lie" got it's Birth Certificate today!


  1. Congratulations, Lynne. I'll be looking for your published book.


    Tom Blubaugh
    Night of the Cossack

    1. Thanks so much Tom.

      Appreciate it.

      Kindest regards