Monday, 14 April 2014

Daydreaming one page at a time

In junior school, teachers used to write on my report card, "She daydreams too much in class."

I took it as a bad thing.  Well I suppose it was a bad thing from the teacher's point of view.  It meant she wasn't able to hold my attention.  That perhaps the world inside my head was more interesting that the world she was presenting to me.

If only that avenue had been explored further.  If only the teachers had spotted a natural ability to focus on.  My love of reading might have been a flashing neon sign.  My rows of gold stars for reading in class on the wall outrunning any of my fellow classmates', should have been another hint at what I loved.  At something that I should have been steered towards.

If only...

But at least I have 'at least'.  At least I never let that love die.  That my daydreaming still carries on until this day.  And that I've harnessed that ability and put it to good use.  My latest novel, Cameras Don't Lie, is an example of how I've let my daydreams run onto my screen and how I've let my characters come to life.  Given them oxygen to breathe and given them a reason to live. Given them obstacles to overcome and skeletons to discard, murders to solve and heartache to overcome.

Daydreams are good.  Daydreams are wonderful.  Daydreams make you unique.

Don't listen to negatives words.  Give them the boot!
Don't believe a lie.  Give it an eraser!
Don't shun your daydreams.  Give them life!

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  1. Hi Lynne,
    Nice to meet you,
    Thanks for the comment at my place.
    Glad to read this piece on daydreaming
    that developed a sea of words. LOL
    Great Going!
    Yes, Camera's don't lie!
    Waiting to read.
    Keep it up!

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